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The McCoy was originally produced by Arthur Birchall (Arthur Birchall McCoy Productions). Arthur's career stemmed from Formula 1 and Indianapolis where he was Chief mechanic for Team Lotus. In the early 1970's he was also involved in the development of the Clan Crusader - from which the McCoy was later developed. He was also responsible for sub-contracted manufacture of early Midas Kit cars and the development of the Phoenix car with Paul Haussauer.  In the early 1980's Arthur set up Birchall Automotive Ltd to specialise in classic Aston Martin car restoration and later decided to branch into the booming kit car market.

Styling of the McCoy was undertaken John Frayling (who had previously worked on the Clan) with chassis development by Brian Luff. The McCoy retained the monocoque structure of the Clan but discarded the Hillman Imp engine which was replaced by a front mounted Mini or Metro unit, carried on standard dry Mini sub-frames front and rear. The car carried the Mini mechanical package in unmodified form with the exception of the front mounted Mini Metro radiator.

By the mid 1980's sales were brisk and several kit packages were offered, from bodyshell only to turn-key cars ready for the road.

Because of health problems Arthur gave up production of the McCoy and in 1990 Neville Wynnes, a former employee of the company bought the rights to produce the car. The new company was called N.G.Wynnes Glassfibre Ltd - later renamed McCoy Cars Ltd. The company later diversified  to producing a Triumph TR2 replica.

Under the management of the two companies around 100 McCoy cars were produced. More recently the project rights have changed hands a couple of times although no more cars have been produced.

The McCoy is now a recognised classic kit car and second hand examples are sought after for their practicality and performance.

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